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Back to the Pool

I m finally getting back to the pool regularly.  My weight has crept back up to 112.2kgs, so something must be done.  Walking is out, X rays have revealed severe arthritis in my long ago broken left ankle (never picked up on or treated by the 2 doctors I saw back in 1988) and the right knee, from compensating for the dicky ankle all those years.  I can walk on smoothish grass but everything round here is unrelentingly paved.

I cut my thumb almost to the bone back in April and had to wait until it was really healed over.  Still sore and lumpy, but I can go back.  In the last couple of weeks I have been to 3 shallow water aerobics classes, loved them and hope they are offered again (it was a trial).

So I did 30 x 25m laps on Friday, and today 40 x 25m laps, consisting of 12 freestyle (300m); 5 each breaststroke and backstroke (250m), 8 kick board (200m) and 10 walking & aerobics (250m) for a 1km total.  I’ll build up to 2 km over the next few weeks.

Since taking more care to ensure I have NO gluten at all (I had been careless about it) my digestive pain is slowly disappearing.  I am coeliac, but some dope suggested it was actually FODMAPs diet I should try, I wasn’t gluten intolerant at all.  Well, that was a failure.  I’ll stick to gluten free.


Exercise makes your fat healthier

Terrific article in today’s Sydney Morning herald newspaper on another recent;y discovered benefit of exercise.  Who would have thought your fat could get healthier.  It seems the it turns your white fat (very bad dude) into brown fat (much nicer dude).

“In a separate study in mice, brown fat was linked with better glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, suggesting the substance may play a role in preventing diabetes.”

So get moving!

Read the full article here 

My Progress to end March 2012

I have  weighed and measured myself on 31 March – a good result for the month.

Weight – down 2.4kgs from 106.4kgs to 104kgs since 27/02/2012 (in lbs down 5.2 from 243.6 to 229.3)

Measurements (in cms)


< Bust



Upper arm





Total Lost










Since last










And  my body fat % is 5% down since mid Feb it has dropped from 35% to 30%. Very, very pleased.

Last Friday (30/03) I had an early dental appointment to get my last crown, I had a temporary and the ‘real’ one had to go on. So  I laid out clothes the night before –  skirt (size22 – note this is 2 sizes less than the = US size, ie US size 18) and when I put it on in the morning it fell down to my feet. I was stunned and delighted. So I rooted around in the cupboard for the nice size 20 one – too loose to wear.

Did I mention I was pleased! I think I floated off the floor for a minute there . . . .

All that swimming (6 days a week) and walking (I am now walking  3 days a week in addition to swimming) is paying off.

What a Hoot!

Some hilarious footage of a Canadian busker performing at St Kilda (melbourne, Vic) beach in a tiny pair of sparkly speedos has become an online sensation, attracting more than two million hits on YouTube.

The 25-year-old, who has legally changed his name from Andy Rimer to Spandy Andy Rimer, is shown strutting along the esplanade in his sparkly swimwear with an oversized boombox on his shoulder, as beachgoers stop and stare.

He breaks into a grin before busting out his best moves, including an energetic rendition of the worm along the hot concrete to LMFAO’s song “Sexy and I Know It.”

Then he vaults onto the beach and performs push-ups and poses seductively next to lone female sunbathers.

And I don’t know if he eats Primally or not but by gum, he is one fit and athletic bugger!

My 4 week experiment – eating ‘clean’

Yesterday was the start of my 4 week experiment into absolutely no:

  • Grains
  • dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

It has gone well so far, whether I’ll be able to stick to it for the full 28 days is a moot point, but I want to see how my body responds to a fairly ‘clean’ diet. Swam 60 laps in 2 sessions!

Ask yourself: Would you walk an hour for chocolate?

When I was waiting at the doctors the other ay (to see him about my ear infection) I saw one of the morning shows which featured and extremely large young lady (282 kgs) 28 year old Kristin from Perth WA  She was off to attend the Weight Loss Programme run by Adro Sarnelli, the inaugural winner of the Australian “Biggest Loser” programme.  I’d enjoyed watching the show and went off to see if I could find Adro’s website & see what he was up to.

I found it here, and he has stayed slim and is doing well as a certified fitness instructor and is helping people lose weight, an re-educating them about nutrition and exercise.  It’s good to see such a positive succss story.  But the quote below really struck a chord with me, and hence thd title of this post.  I don’t think I’d walk an hour for chocolate, no matter how much I enjoy it.  How about you?

“I had a chat with a friend about eating a particular food and about knowing that it would take an hour on a treadmill to burn it off.  We’ve all heard of this, right?  Let’s say, for example, a chocolate takes an hour on the treadmill to burn . My friend did not have a problem with the theory of walking an hour to have the chocolate and I asked her if she did just that.  She said she didn’t but it didn’t bother her.  So to put it into perspective I asked her if she would walk an hour to the shop to get the particular chocolate.  Would she walk that far to get it?  Probably not!  The main reason for sharing this is because a lot of times, even when we know something, we often don’t put it into perspective. “

Swimming is sublime

The only word to describe my early morning swim at 5.30 this morning.  The water was like silk and it just felt so good to glide through it in the half dark.

18 laps down for today, and we will go together this afternoon for another swim.