I m finally getting back to the pool regularly.  My weight has crept back up to 112.2kgs, so something must be done.  Walking is out, X rays have revealed severe arthritis in my long ago broken left ankle (never picked up on or treated by the 2 doctors I saw back in 1988) and the right knee, from compensating for the dicky ankle all those years.  I can walk on smoothish grass but everything round here is unrelentingly paved.

I cut my thumb almost to the bone back in April and had to wait until it was really healed over.  Still sore and lumpy, but I can go back.  In the last couple of weeks I have been to 3 shallow water aerobics classes, loved them and hope they are offered again (it was a trial).

So I did 30 x 25m laps on Friday, and today 40 x 25m laps, consisting of 12 freestyle (300m); 5 each breaststroke and backstroke (250m), 8 kick board (200m) and 10 walking & aerobics (250m) for a 1km total.  I’ll build up to 2 km over the next few weeks.

Since taking more care to ensure I have NO gluten at all (I had been careless about it) my digestive pain is slowly disappearing.  I am coeliac, but some dope suggested it was actually FODMAPs diet I should try, I wasn’t gluten intolerant at all.  Well, that was a failure.  I’ll stick to gluten free.