Coffee, eggs, salt, oil. One week they are good for you, the next they’re not. So what’s the real deal?

Good article with the pros and cons of these 4 foods.

Current medical knowhow says 3-5 coffees a day in mid life can help prevent dementia in your later years – but conversely – that amount can have an adverse effect on visceral fat.  Persoanlly, I’d rather be fat and have all my marbles!

Eggs, of course, have been ‘undemonised’ for a long time.  Up to 7 a week are now recommended, good for diabetes and a whole lot of other conditions.

Salt is vital to life.  But we should avoid added salt and if we do use salt in cooking or at the table it should be iodised.

And oils – as they ay – oils ain’t all equal!  It’s the processed oils in processed foods that are so bad for you.  Full fat in food is fine, cold pressed natural oils are fine  – but you need to be careful when heating them as some produce bad compounds.  Olive oil is best for cooking.

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