Hi to all.

I have been AWOL for quite a while and been had ups and downs in my weight loos / health seeking goals.

The big news – nothing to do with Primal really but – we are moving to Tasmania. House is bought and settles on 4 July and we will be living at beautiful Glenorchy. You can see images of our new home at my Flickr set.   The HUGE pack up / weed through / throw out is in progress, and we hope to be ther by mid Septemebre but end of Sept is the deadline.

In one way this will be beneficial to my health as my sister has offered to pay for my monthly membership at the (indoor) Hobart Aquatic centre so I can swim and have a spa every day! She goes 5 days a week and swims 3-4 kms, so I will be going with her and building up my laps. I haven’t swum since mid March, when I caught an URTI and conjunctivitis from the pool we use. The doctor told me it was the 90 day cough and he was so right – I am only just over it. A most unpleasant three months.

My sister is also following the 5:2 lifestyle ( I no longer use the word ‘diet’). She has gone from 90.8 to 77 in 20 weeks and looks fabulous. It’s basically just intermittent fasting 2 days a week. I started 1 June and have gone from 115kgs to 112.4, so it’s working. It also fits in well with my Primal lifestyle.  See all about it at the Fast Diet site.

I have gone totally grain free – I had a few VERY painful and unpleasant reactions to rice and corn products (my last remaining grains) so have bitten the bullet and done it. My gut feels much better. I’m also using a lot of herbal teas for my health now. When I had the bad cough I tried the doctor’s remedies and they seemed to be having little effect. So in desperation I unearthed my two herb books, raided the pantry (it was a Sunday) and came up with a tea of fennel & fenugreek seeds, thyme, honey and a dash of lemon. After two cups I practically stopped coughing. So I have laid in a big supply of various herbs and am treating myself. the digestive one I’ve made up calms any gut spasms much faster than drugs, and I have a big pharmacopeia of anti cough stuff, as that is my weak area.

So that’s it from me, I’ll report in once a week or so at least and see how I go, and try to find interesting and relevant articles to share..

Cheers from Odille