Gary Taubes, in his books Why We Get Fat and the earlier Good Calories, Bad Calories, plus his seminal article “What if it’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” in the New York Times of 97 July 2002, presents compelling evidence that the high carb low fat solution embraced by the majority of the medical world does not work to reduce weight, body fat, heart disease or diabetes risks, we are still being preached this incorrect mantra and we are, as nations, getting fatter and unhealthier and dying before our times.

In Why We Get Fat, he outlines hiow the Cochrab=ne Commission, set up to do unbiased revierws of scientific studies in the literature, set out in 2001 to assess the benefits of eating less fat or less saturated fat by reviewing literature from the 1950s to 20001.  They could only find 27 clinical trials which had been well enough conducted for reliable judgement ont hem to be made.

As Taubes states, the evidence was anything but compelling (direct quote below):

“Despite decades of effort and many thousands of people randomized,” the Cochrane Collaboration authors concluded, “there is still only limited and inconclusive evidence of the effects of modification of total, saturated, monounsaturated, or polyunsaturated fats on cardiovascular morbidity [i.e., sickness] and mortality [death].”

In plain speak, there is no support for the low fat diets!  None!

So why is it still being prescribed, when a low carb (ie removing all processed carbs), hig fat, moderate protein diet lowers LDL and triglycerides, raises HDL and has other positive effects on blood chemistry and other health indictaors like blood pressure.

In the words of the great Australian Julius Sumner MIller “WHY IS IT SO?”!