When I was waiting at the doctors the other ay (to see him about my ear infection) I saw one of the morning shows which featured and extremely large young lady (282 kgs) 28 year old Kristin from Perth WA  She was off to attend the Weight Loss Programme run by Adro Sarnelli, the inaugural winner of the Australian “Biggest Loser” programme.  I’d enjoyed watching the show and went off to see if I could find Adro’s website & see what he was up to.

I found it here, and he has stayed slim and is doing well as a certified fitness instructor and is helping people lose weight, an re-educating them about nutrition and exercise.  It’s good to see such a positive succss story.  But the quote below really struck a chord with me, and hence thd title of this post.  I don’t think I’d walk an hour for chocolate, no matter how much I enjoy it.  How about you?

“I had a chat with a friend about eating a particular food and about knowing that it would take an hour on a treadmill to burn it off.  We’ve all heard of this, right?  Let’s say, for example, a chocolate takes an hour on the treadmill to burn . My friend did not have a problem with the theory of walking an hour to have the chocolate and I asked her if she did just that.  She said she didn’t but it didn’t bother her.  So to put it into perspective I asked her if she would walk an hour to the shop to get the particular chocolate.  Would she walk that far to get it?  Probably not!  The main reason for sharing this is because a lot of times, even when we know something, we often don’t put it into perspective. “