I was reading my Sydney Morning Herald Good Living supplement this morning and it had an article on this chef & author’s new book on Offal (which, sorry, I find awful!).  But it also mentioned she had written books called “Fat” and “Bones”.

It said: “Jennifer McLagan, a former Melburnian who now lives in Canada and has made a career out of writing food books that challenge. Her first was Bones. Then Fat (which she loves and celebrates as highly healthy)”.

A chef who doesn’t think fat is evil?  That’s my kind of chef!  So I went and found her web page and here is a link to the books page – you can rest assured these two titles will be in my cooking library very, very soon.  If you are in Australia an would like to purchas them, Fishpond (follow the link in my right hand sidebar – over there) have them and the price is less than Amazon’s plus postage.  Just search on ‘McLagan’.

I’ll report back when I have the books and have absorbed some good fat lore.