I have heard about a  book by Californian based cardiologist Ernest N. Curtis, M.D.  who has dived deeply into the scientific evidence of the lipid hypothesis and statin drugs.  The Cholesterol Delusion is a book that takes a different but is just as effective approach to dismantling the lipid hypothesis than The Great Cholesterol Con.  If you’re still worried about cholesterol,  the information in this terrific book will ease your mind.  If you need to persuade a friend or loved one, this is the book.

Dr. Curtis’s  dismembers the studies relied on by the lipophobes to maintain the fantasy stating cholesterol really does cause heart disease.

I have always maintained lipids are bad for us, my Mum had dreadful side effects from taking them and was very ill, and their benefits are – in my humble opinion – really negligible.

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