I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald online this morning – always my first point of call when I fire up the Net, and found two articles very relevant to my redoubled efforts to get fitter and healthier and hopefully shed a fair bit of weight along the way..

The first article, Chew over a Few Diet Truths, by Nick Galvin, reiterates what we all know, that diets as a separate entity from long term lifestyle simply do not work.  And the second, When joints jar, it’s time for a crawl in the surf, by Jessica Black, is about the wonderful benefits of swimming and how older athletes from other disciplines, especially running, are turning to swimming when their joints give out from the hard pounding of high impact activity.

It was interesting to find two pieces of writing so relevant to my efforts.  I am definitely not on a diet – the change for me is permanent and while I will always have to be careful not to allow too many high carb and fatty foods to creep back into my everyday eating, that is something we should all do anyway.

And as I have said in my earlier posts, but believe bears reiterating, discovering swimming has been a real ‘exercise epiphany’ for me.  Walking has always been my exercise of choice, I loved walking in the early morning, usually starting out before sunup, and letting my mind wander as I motored along enjoying the day.  But, as time constraints crept in, my walking time diminished and, foolishly, I let it go, so the weight piled back on and when I tried to resume, I found my old injuries were preventing me.  But swimming has allowed me to exercise well on a daily basis with no pain.  When I lose some more weight I will work some weight bearing exercise back into the mix, but swimming will always be my main exercise.