I am feeling very positive about the coming year.  Warwick and I have both lost at least a clothing size since we started our swimming back in August, and are feeling much fitter.  Of course we both have a long way to go but seeing a positive change for the good is very heartening.

Today I did my 30 laps and managed several 25 & 30m freestyle sprints.  This stroke has always been by bete noir – I just could not manage the breathing.  But all those kickboard laps are paying off and with a stronger kick I am finding it easier.

It does hurt my ears, though, I will have to try earplugs.  The trouble is that as a result of two stapes operations for my deafness, back when I was 30, I seem to have oddly shaped ear channels and so far I haven’t found earplugs that work for me.

Tomorrow is the formal start of my 2012 Primal restart and, hopefully, makeover.  My aim is to lose 20kgs in 2012, which will bring me down to around 92kgs.  Of course, I’de like to lose more, but if I can knock off 20 in a year I’ll be happy, and then I will reassess and set myself a final goal weight.  I have been heavy for so long it is impossible to say what is a good weoght for me.

Cheers to all and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year, and if it is prosperous as well you are really on a winner!