After a long time of losing my way and not doing anything good for myself I am back.

Since August I have been swimming for exercise and trying to eat better.  Swimming is a new thing for me.  I could never master the breathing for freestyle stroke as a child, even though my Mother and sister were competition swimmers and I had a pro coach treaching me.  So for a long time I went away from it.

Back in August my partner Warwick went to the doc and his BP was a bit high and doctor recommended lose some weight and get more exercise.  Warwick grew up by the beach so swimming is as natural as breathing to him.  After he had been going for a few weeks he suggested I come along.  I was initially reluctant but I did go down just for a look and found the pool had kickboards you could use.

So!  I am now up to 30 laps (1500m in 75-90 minutes) 3 days a week a mix of kickboard and breaststroke and backstroke.  On the other 3 days a week I go I do 20 laps, 300m of walking in the water, and 15 mins of aerobic exercises in the water (jumps, running on the spot etc) – about 60-75 mins.  And I feel great.  I love walking but my weight gain (I was up to 120kgs on 1August 2011) and troublesome ankles meant just 15 mins of waking left me in so much pain I would hardly move for 3 days.  I do all this exercise at the pool and have no pain afterwards.  And this type of exercise – I do NOT ‘go for the burn’! – fits in with the Primal lifestyle, which I am aiming to get back to.

I have even bought my own pair of flippers – the type that makes your muscles work harder, not the go faster ones – my own kickbooard, googgles and swim shirt.  Who’d have thunk it?

I have lost about 8kgs in weight (now about 112kgs).  And my energy levels are building up again.

I will keep you posted (promise).