My two week weigh in.

Weight 111 kgs, down 11kgs
and I have lost 10 cm off bust, 6 off waist and 9 off hips.

I’m very, very, very pleased.

Did you know that lunch is a relatively late addition to our dietary schedule?

“I have been re-reading my set of Poldark books by Winston Graham, set in cornwall in the 1780s to 1810s.

I was surprised to read in one set in 1810 that ‘luncheon’ was a new meal (this was in the upper class level of society, a great house).

“With the custom of dinner growing ever later and supper easing to be important, a new meal called luncheon had been introduced at about one, to bridge the gap between breakfast and the formal meal of the day at six thirty.””

Interesting, isn’t it? I find it particularly so as I am now eating pretty much brunch and dinner, with a snack mid afternoon if I get peckish.

Breakfast is usually steak or bacon and any one of eggs, mushrooms and asparagus.

Snacks are a thickish slice of cheddar (about 30g) or a couple of slices (about 50g) of Aldi proscuitto

Dinner varies: beef or chicken stir fry (at least 6 veges), steak/chicken/fish/lamb hops (with the fat!) and steamed veges (at least 5), or some protein and salad on hot days.

I have one real coffee a day first up (but only after 2 glasses of water), then a decaff through the day (those are with full cream but unsweetened) and a decaff at night (in bed) with 1/4 teaspoon honey.

Lots of Primal followers get rid off all dairy from their diets but it does not affect me badly so I am keeping cream (for coffee and cooking) and cheese but in moderation.